Lighting Effects-1

Today, I started a new project that based on light. Before making a lighting product, the most important thing is to know how is the looking of the light. So, I did some researches on different lighting effects. πŸ”¦

Searching in the room and took pictures of the lights, I found the research is quite interesting. Although shines on same thing, light from different perspective came to different result.


  • Shadow play, sundial(measure time), measure height, medical x-ray


  • Solar energy, sun bath, disinfection, energy for nature and human beings, important heating source

Colour Filtered Light

  • Party atmosphere, traffic signal, eyesight protection, decoration

Patterned Light

  • Decoration


  • Glowing effect

Diffused Light

  • Protection of eyesπŸ‘€


πŸ‘‰Β Click here to see more other lighting effects:Β Lighting Effect-2Β πŸ‘ˆ





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