Lighting Effects-2

Lighting Effect Part II 🔦

👉 Click here to see the previous post about lighting effects: Lighting Effect-1 👈

Reflected Light

  • Mirror reflection


  • Glowing Stick, glowing words

Borrowed Light

  • Shining effect


  • Stage lights, focus effect in performance, product

Under lit

  • Ghost Effect

Back Lighting

  • Black figure, darker colour of object

Although shines on same thing, light from different perspective came to different result.

Take people as example. Overhead light shines most of the light on the people’s head and get people’s attention on the face, while under lit light will be blocked by chin and get similar effect in ghost movie, making people feels kind of weird.👻

Also, I discovered that ordinary objects will look extraordinary after light shines on it, especially objects that have holes or are transparent. It was when I got a common plastic cup from canteen and put it under light. The curve on the cup, which used to help holding, create a repeating round pattern. Never had I think about the effect of this kind of common daily life stuff.😯😯

The experience of this research gives me an idea to make a lighting product that will surprise people after turned on. 💡



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