Material Experiment-1

After thinking about what effect will the light show, I considered about its composition. That’s why I did some experiments about materials. 🔨

I got a Osborn List that includes many words of ways to make things. For each work, I made a material sample.


  • leather & copper wire
  • the leather was folded then weaved with the copper wire


  • paper strips & rivet
  • the paper strips were cut and punched with holes, then joint together with the rivet


  • paper
  • the A4 paper was folded into a box


  • plastic
  • plastic was rolled and melted with hot metal, pieces were stick together because of the stickiness of the melting plastic


  • hot glue stick
  • the hot glue stick was cut and twisted by bend saw


  • glass & metal wire
  • the glass was broke into small pieces then glued to the metal wire

👉 Click here to see the next post about other material experiments: Material Experiment-2 👈



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