Material Experiment-2

I continued on doing experiments on different materials. 🔨

👉 Click here to see the previous material experiments: Material Experiment-1 👈


  • silk clay
  • the keys were put onto flat silk clay and the shape was moulded


  • plastic
  • a piece of plastic was squashed and stretched by band saw


  • wood
  • flat pieces of wood were stuck together one on another by hot glue


  • plastic
  • a small piece of plastic was bent because of high heat


  • wood
  • wood pieces with the same shape had been put and fit together like honeycomb


  • plastic
  • a small plastic bowl had been cut and split to different angles.

I think this experiment is quite helpful because it gives me the chance to try materials with different technique.✌️

When I saw the word “weave”, what come to my mind first is the weaving of thread and fiber.👕 However, this time, I chose an unusual material as I used copper wire to weave the folded leather. The outcome its cool when the light shines on it.✨ Although copper is also thin and flexible, it is not same with thread as it has a smooth surface that could reflect light. This characteristic makes the leather looks shining at the weaving part.

Another material that I want to mention is hot glue stick.🔫 I have used it in my previous project in gluing and presenting it as a crystal decoration on chair. This time, I tried to presented the word twist and distort on it. With the blade of bend saw, the hot glue stick was cut, but not through the whole stick. Half of the stick remained and the bend saw played the role of holding. Then I twisted the hot glue stick. Unlike the common used on sticking, the stick was squashed and stretched.

After this experiment, I also want to present my design with a special way of using materials.👍🏻


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