Stuart Haygarth

I found a designer named Stuart Haygarth. His works caught my sight due to his style, as the materials of his lights are collected from life, which is the style of improvisational. Found beach objects, tutu💃, plastic container tops, mirrors, water containers, and even glasses👓 become part of his works.

Mirror Ball

Mirrors is known by people of having smooth and flat surface that reflects light. A lighting product made by mirror wasn’t a new stuff. However, Stuart use his way of making to made his design different with others. By creating cracks on mirrors, the light becomes more interesting and the patterned light shines on the wall becomes unpredictable.

Twenty Twenty

Light shines from the back of the glasses makes them look like shining. What is unusual is that the lenses overlap each other it creates different lightness and darkness with layers.

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The Optical series is my favorite one.

They were all ball shapes that made up by lots of lenses, but they are different from their colours. When light shines through, the light seems to be glowing. It is so attractive to me and I would like to use lens to create this kind of effect in my design.

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