I want to make a lighting product that it will look different and amazed people after turned on the light.🔌💡😯

I came up with three concepts. ⬇️

Image Source:

  • Glowing Puzzle ( Patterned light + Tessellate )

This design is a round ball that look common on the outside. However, there’s puzzle pattern on the surface inside. When light was turned on, the line of puzzle will present and show the patterned shadow.

Image Source:

  • Flowing Shadow ( Colour-filtered light + Sticking )

This is a light built up by lens that made a round shape around the light bulb. The ring of lenses was made by different colour pieces that glued together. When the light was turned on, the shade with different colour will be seen.

Image Source:

  • Half dot print ( Patterned light + Fold )

This is an idea that come from a picture effect, which called half dot print effect. When you look closely, you can see only big and small dots of holes. However, when you look from a distance, the picture will present.



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