Theme Decision-1

New project!💡  Final Major project starts from today.

This final project is different from all the projects we done before, not only because its duration is a total of 12 weeks, but also because the theme of this project will be set by ourselves.

At first, I came up with lots of ideas of theme including transparency, misconception, materials etc. However, I changed my mind because of my friend’s words. She said that you should not use the first ten ideas you came up with because they’re too simple and others could come up with these ideas too. I totally agree with it. I also think my ideas are too easy, so I started over again on deciding my theme.

Image Source:

The idea of interaction came from a Jewish museum I went during the trip to Berlin. It not only tells the history of Jewish but also invites the visitors to experience by their bodies. The work that impressed me the most is Fallen Leaves.

Fallen Leaves
As far as the eyes can see, the floor was covered by metal pieces that has the similar shapes with human faces. As I stepped on them, the pieces touched each others and created a sharp sound. The floor with metal pieces is actually quite hard to walk on because it is easy to lose balance. It was designed in this way because the designer wants the visitors to look at the faces on the ground, which symbolizes the victims were noticed by people. I really like the relationship between the work and people. And it gives me the idea of focusing on the interaction between object and human.


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