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After watching the drama, I researched for more information. Kill Me Heal Me is a drama that doesn’t really happened, so I tried to find the DID patients in real life. 👤

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Kim Noble 👩 is a British artist who was born on 21 Nov, 1960. She was diagnosed with DID in 1995, with about 20 split personalities. Although Kim has no formal art training, 14 of Kim’s alters became interested in painting. After spending a short time with an art therapist, these 14 alters each have their own style of drawing, using different colours or focus on different theme. She has a daughter named Aimee. 👧

⬇️ The info of each personality and their drawing skills are stated below.

Ria Pratt

In all the personalities, Ria’s paintings shocked me the most.😱 They’re mostly unbearable and bloody scene about abuse. Kim don’t remember what happened when she was young that caused her to have DID. However, Ria seems to have the memory and her drawings could answer all questions.

In an interview of Oprah with Ria, Ria said that people should know what’s going on even if they don’t believe. These adults had done terrible things to children.👿 The interviewer asked Ria about her first memory of childhood, instead of saying, Ria just showed the paintings and put her finger in front of her lips to tell everyone to be quiet.🙊

👉 Watch the video of Ria by pressing me 👈

🔑 In her paintings, there are some key elements.

  • Bright Background
    Ria believes that bright colour attracts people and caught their attention. She thinks everyone should notice that this kind of things happened.⚠️
  • Opposite Writing
    Opposite letters couldn’t be understand at first moment. My friend had told me that it is believed that people went over great pain will write down their experience in languages other than their first language. Terrify words written in opposite way might also make Ria feels better than wrote in normal way.✏️
  • Figure On Wall
    Having the same posture with the girls on the floor, the floating figures are believed as the girls’ souls. They want to escape from the adults. However, even after they escaped, harm had already caused and it last forever pain in the girls’ hearts.😭


Her paintings focus on the figure of women bodies.🚺 This is because she thinks she is a fat woman who weights 100 pounds.🐽 Judy comes out most when eating. In the video that Kim transformed into Judy, Judy asked Aimee the calories of the food before she ate it, which shows that she really cares about her weight. Her paintings also reveal this. Apart from woman figure, Judy drew some drawings about abuse. She presented them in a symbolic way.

👉 Watch the video of Judy’s personality takes over by pressing me 👈


As you can see, the background of Abi’s paintings is nearly white⚪️, which makes the person in the open space become obvious as the only thing. Abi use this way to show the sense of loneliness.😞


Actually, I can’t understand what she is drawing. Kim had told that Anon usually paints at night🌛, so I guess the white figures in the dark might be angels.👼 Anon built thick paintings with small knife🔪 and she keep repeating the same figure.


The style of her paintings is quite robotic. Skin become see-through and shows the muscles and bones inside. This kind of drawing remind me the drawings on caves of ancient civilization. Then, with the strong and warm colour, these people give me the feeling of hot and energetic.🔥


The figures in the paintings are incomplete, most of them had lost arms. It seems to me that they are humans who want to escape from suffering. However, I then realized they are actually gods from the title of the paintings. It is quite satiric that gods also feel pain and suffer. 😓


See more of Kim’s other personalities, press here.

All paintings sourced from Kim Noble’s Flickr:






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