Kim Noble-2

Info of each personality and their drawing skills part II 💾

👉 Haven’t read Part I? Press here to read. 👈


She uses tooth-brush to create abstract marks. There is no figure and words but dots and lines that are almost invisible.🙈 The marks present a line in the middle which I think is similar with dust flowing in the air that nearly disappears. They shows a sense of nothingness.


She made use of paintings and built thick textures. The thickness created the pattern similar with cracks. The faces with the cracks make me feel sad. It is the feeling of a person got hurt then his or her heart broke into pieces.💔 His or her face will never be complete again.😭


When I first saw Key’s works, I thought they were just totem. It is not until I looked at them closely then I figured out what she is telling. In the first painting, arrows that pointed in could be seen almost anywhere. Symbols of constellation and drawings of abuse surround the person in the middle. I can feel that the person lying there is suffering.🆘 He or she had been locked up in the triangle and pressure from all sides come towards him or her. 😦


She likes to draw landscape. It is clear to be seen that her paintings were built up by blocks of simple colour, which is mostly the way how children draw.👶 Kim had said that Mimi is young and it took Mimi three years to complete only three paintings. Although these paintings are easy, I like them as they shows the naive attitude when we were young.😇


There’s only three colours, red🔴, black⚫️, and white⚪️, appear in the paintings above. The mixture of these three colours created a dark and bloody atmosphere. The white scrape all over the painting helped making the scene realistic and dangerous. I can see that MJ is a crazy and bold woman.💁

No name

This personality has no name.❌ In her drawings, she made humans’ faces unable to recognize, either by distorting or melting.💦 I’m thinking about the reason she don’t draw actual faces. Is she refusing to face reality? Or she might have a problem with recognizing faces?


Her paintings tend to be wide and long-range view.🗻 The colour of the view changed gradually from bright to dark, or from one colour to another. It shows that Patricia is good at controlling colour.👍🏻 Mostly, there’s only an object in the wide view, which creates a strong contrast.


This drawing style is the one I considered the most interesting.👻 She drew human figures and she made strong contrast. The background was neat while the figure was composed by messy line. However, you could find regulation as lines are intensive at dark and shadow sides.

After seeing all the paintings of Kim Noble’s personalities, I was really amazed by the styles. The styles are totally different like it is painted by different people.😮

All paintings sourced from Kim Noble’s Flickr:


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