Mika Ninagawa

I went to a photography exhibition today. πŸ“·

The photographer is a Japanese named Mika Ninagawa. Her photos have a similarity which is all owns brilliant colour. The bright of the colours makes me happy and I have a wonderful time looking through her works. However, what impressed me the most is not her photos but the ticket of this exhibition.

The ticket is quite playful as it could fold up and become a model. ⬇️

Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVeaY-v0_j4

It has four sides in total and could keep turning and turning. The design of this model is creative and special. I tried to build one by myself. As this model has many sides, I could stick mirrors to it and faces could be seen, which present the idea of multiple personality. I could make good use of this idea in my final major project.


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