The Minds of Billy Milligan

The Minds of Billy Milligan is a book written by Daniel Keyes, based on a real story happened on Billy Milligan. 📖

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This is my first time to read a book about multiple personality and it is unbelievable that this story is a real one. In the book, it is said that Billy was arrested by police👮 because of stealing and raping, but he has no memory of what he had done. It is then found out that Billy has Dissociative Identify Disorder.🎭

Billy went through his father’s abuse which caused his main personality separated into many personalities. The part that really impressed me in this book is the strong contrast between Billy’s two split personalities, Danny and Allen. Danny is afraid of strangers and seldom speaks. He never draws landscape and only draws still object.🗻 This is because Billy’s father once forced Danny to dig hole on the ground and bury himself into the hole. Billy’s father even gave him only one tube to breathe. From then on, Danny hates dirt and is afraid of men. However, Allen is totally different. He is good at communicating with others. He likes to kick soccer⚽️, a sport that needs to be familiar with the ground and dirt. This strong difference makes me feel impossible. After I read this book, I feel really sad for Billy’s experience for a long time.


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