Today was the first day I attended at school after the Easter holiday. Due to the sickness, I couldn’t catch up with the plan I’ve set. So what I did first is rearranging my timetable.⌚️

👉 Click here for the new version of my timetalbe. 👈

I checked the chart before today with my work then edited them to fit with what I’ve done. Also, I added in the exhibitions I went to during the holiday. As for the tasks I’m going to do afterwards, I try to reduce the time I spent on each one.

Through this process, I found out that timetable is really a useful thing. Time management is important as this is a long project that continue for 12 weeks. With a clear timetable, all the tasks are planned and well-organized. Instead of wandering around and waste time, I know what I should do everyday. Also, timetable keeps a track of my works. When I check the chart, I could easily know how far has my project gone and what‘s left that I still need to do.

Now, this new version of the timetable could fit with my condition and I believe I could make the most of my time with it. 👍


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