Colour Psychology Research

What do you feel about the colour “red”? 🔴🌹👹🐞🍎🎈❤️🚨☎️📮

Most of the people will have answers like warm, energetic, active…as red is a bright colour. There are so many adjectives to describe, but how do most of the people come out with similar answers? This is what colour psychology is about. Different colour gives people different feelings as they have their own characteristic.

The idea of colour psychology is used in our world.🌍 Companies make use of this and design their logo with the colour fit with their theme. For example, the logo of animal planet channel🐴🐮🐵🐯🐘 was coloured in green because green is a colour that make people think about nature and peace.🌱🌲🌳🍃🌿 This idea inspired me.💥💥

“If every colour has their own characteristic, can I say that colour has its own personality?”

Think about it. Imaging that each colour turns into a person, what will each person be like? How will they act and what will they make you feel? I will like to do a questionnaire as primary research to test this psychology. 📝❓


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