Colour Psychology Questionnaire

Today, I sent out the questionnaire I made for colour psychology.📝 I gave it to people from different countries also different ages because I think I should not only focus on Asian people.👲🏻👳🏾💂🏻🌍

👉 Click here to see my questionnaire for colour personality. 👈

I included plenty of colours in the questionnaire with colour sample square beside. What I thought was to find out the effect that light and dark change people’s feelings toward the same colour. However, 20 colours seem to be too much. It took too much time for people to complete. Also, many people told me that some of the colour are too similar and make them confusing.😵

Through this experience I learnt that I shouldn’t make the questionnaire too complex. Questionnaire should be a simple thing that people could complete in a short time. Next time, I will improve to make a simple and easy one.


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