Material Experiment-1

After doing some research on colour, I began to research on a different perspective. Today I went into the workshop. I want to try to present personalities with different materials.

With only the blue foam square, you might feel soft and comfortable. What I want to do is change people’s opinion toward blue foam square. In this model, metal pieces were inserted into the blue foam square and changed the feeling of the whole model. I try to show a person who might seems to be dangerous; but actually, inside he or her, there’s a gentle heart. He pretends to be cold because he’s afraid of being hurt.

On this model, I changed the metal pieces into white string. This is a person who was limited and live a life that his family wishes. At first, I just used string to wrap around it; but I found out that the feeling isn’t strong enough. So I did one more on which I used nails to curve some marks first. Then, I pull the string harder and put the string in those mark. This make the feeling of being limit more realistic.

In the material experiment, I tried to combine two different materials. As each material has its characteristic, I make good use of them to show personalities. This helped me to get some ideas of how it will look when materials were being put together.


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