Laura Williams

At the beginning of the final project, when I was finding photos about multiple personality for my mood board, this picture, “Triple Faced”, grabbed my sight. 👀

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The contrast between the black and white was so obvious. The background was dark and lead audiences to focus onto the bright. I appreciate this skill of making the key element stands out. Also, I like the effect of three faces made with only one mask.

Later, I went further to find out who the photographer is. What make me amazed is that I’ve seen her work before. When I was photography rotation, I’ve done research on surrealism. The “Invisible” of hers is one of the pictures I found. This photo gives me a strong impression with the creativity she used with mirror. I like the atmosphere she created in this picture. It gives me the feeling of the girl hiding behind the mirror seems to have a lot of secrets and I want to find out more about the mysterious girl.

I really like Laura Williams’s works. She presents them in way which wouldn’t make me feel boring. Her photographs seem to have magic that attract me. I would like to see more of her works.


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