Jonty Hurwitz

If I want to do a product that relates to mirror, what I need to know first is the basic of mirror.

Mirrors is a thing that could reflect what present in front of it with its smooth surface. When it comes to mirrors, most of the people will think about the mirrors that were used in bathroom and bedroom to show our own appearance. However, mirrors were that only. They were also widely used in art in many different and creative ways.

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Jonty Hurwit made use of the characteristic of mirror, the reflection. Mirror that are uneven, with curve shapes, are playful. They present things in the way they are not actually are. The images of thing were squeezed and stretched into strange shapes. Jonty Hurwit had noticed this and reverse it. He made abstract and strange sculptures that no one could understand what they were. It is only when you put a mirror cylinder in front of the sculptures that miracles happen. The sculptures turned out to be vivid hands. It is quite interesting as you need to put the mirror in the right place to make the reflection actual. The original objects are waiting to be explored. This way of presenting shows a sense of deepness of his works.


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